Isabel Koopman

Isabel Koopman was born and raised in the heart of Barcelona, Spain —one of the most exuberant artistic and architectural cities of the world. Art, in many different forms, was present in the daily life of her family’s household: her father was a painter and an art teacher, her grandfather a miniaturist. Her aunt made images of saints for the Catholic Church.

In her twenties, Isabel went to live in Nebraska. The change from the colorful, urban city of Barcelona to the vast, monochromatic plains of the Midwest had a strong impact her personal and artistic development. For her, it meant returning to the essentials, going to the core of herself. She discovered that, underlying her love for rich and passionate color, was also an unexpressed love for clean lines and balanced forms.

When Isabel moved to San Francisco, she became involved for many years in the fashion world. When she discovered texture as the third component of her paintings, her art evolved to a new form, in which she synthesized color, surface and composition.

Isabel left the fashion world to devote herself full-time to art. Since then, she has produced a significant body of work. She had her first gallery show in Nashville in the summer of 2005 and has subsequently shown her work in Barcelona and San Francisco.

She draws on the techniques of the Old Masters to create contemporary work. Mixing the delicate technique of brushing on and wiping away thin layers of paint, with the rough textures of rope, burlap, sand and acrylic modeling paste, she creates an elegant balance of color, shape and texture that is equally visual and tactile. Exploring the ways in which color, form and texture can transform moods or feelings, her art evokes sensation, emotion and sentiment. About her work, she has observed, “This is how I see life. Life is color, life is the perfect equilibrium of the natural form, and life is what we feel when we touch.”