Artist Statement

Everyone has a window through which they look at life. Through my window you can see color, form and texture as an expression of emotion, thought and sentiment. I’m attracted to the way color, form and texture can transform our moods or feelings. I want to see how they affect us, individually and together; I want to know what is calming and luxurious, what is bold and stimulating.

Through formal language, my work expresses my feelings about love, passion, death, maternity, sexuality, pain—the essential elements of life. It allows me to express myself in the most honest and direct way I can imagine.

I’ve borrowed the techniques of the Old Masters to create contemporary work, mixing delicate, thin layers of paint that I brush on and wipe away, with the rough textures of rope, burlap, sand and acrylic modeling paste. I work with a balance of color, shape and texture that is equally visual and tactile, to exploring the ways that color, form and texture can transform moods or feelings.

Working with surface and color allows me to feel the work haptically as well as to see it visually.

Through my work, I want to share with the viewer the window through which I view the world, seeing a visual spectrum of imperfections that can turn into beauty.